Hold onto the tiller during changes

//Hold onto the tiller during changes

Hold onto the tiller during changes

Every person experiences changes during their life. Some changes happen by choice, others happen around us without an option. This month I want to focus on the latter, with the reorganization at a large company as an example.

In many cases there exists a social plan describing various options for employees. Timelines are communicated in different ways, and often depend on the particular department where you work. Drip-by-drip you receive more information, by e-mail, your team leader and the water-cooler.

As employee all sorts of thoughts swirl through your head; what option is the best for me, and what does it depend on? What about pension, Unemployment Insurance, separation rules, compensation, guidance in looking for other work, etc. etc. In the meantime your work continues as if nothing is happening and requires your full attention.

It is confusing, do I have all information, and is that information correct? Is the content going to change so that it will affect the foundations of my options? What scenarios can I dream up? Do I have enough time to make choices?

There is danger in your thoughts galloping ahead of you and you making choices from panic positions or situations. Or you make no choice at all and let others make decisions for you.

The fight, flight, freeze tactic of the reptilian brain looms.

Maintaining calm is an art. Map out clearly on paper the time lines for optimum choice points. Take the time to investigate the issues in your situation. Discuss factual information with colleagues, a good way to find out if information is missing. Use your body as a compass: what feels good and what does not. This way you keep your hand on the tiller. Good luck!

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