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With Inside outside Coaching the team is the focus, rather than the methodology. Trusting the talent present in every person is the starting point. The coach is a guide who is open to the team’s dilemmas and questions, and accompanies in the interchange of insights and behaviours, resulting in a team that can progress independently.

Inside Outside Coaching provides innovative team events (retrospectives and teambuilding) with the purpose of creating a more effective and successful team, in an entertaining, positive and creative atmosphere, where engaging your unique talent is of essential concern. By engaging your unique talent (ever more expected in the work place) you are by definition more vulnerable. But that vulnerability increases the opportunity to connect in a real way with others. And those connections increase work satisfaction and the likelihood that set goals can be achieved. We build confidence in yourself and those around you, and make it safe to be vulnerable.

10 tips for an effective retrospective
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“Recently I had a coach session with Yvonne, because I wasn’t feeling comfortable. I had no expectations, was nervous before the session, did not know what to expect being mirrored by a horse. Yvonne is calm and patient. By explaining how horses behave in life since ages, you begin to understand their behavior. At first I did not manage to get the horse by my side. After an intensification exercise, where I focused on myself completely and Yvonne’s coaching, I succeeded. The horse walked with me voluntarily, without forcing. I was relieved, the horse offered me protection. It felt like the horse radiated a kind of empathic ability, it gave me peace in mind and body. In the following days, I felt more confident and Yvonne taught me what you do with your head and what with your gut feeling. I recommend Yvonne because I benefited from it after the session, now it’s the challenge for me to be able to keep confidence in myself.”

Cecile, September 2018

“Yvonne coached me before an important job interview. Using Sunny as a mirror, she quickly understood where I could gain more self-esteem to make a good impression on the committee. The session with Yvonne not only took my doubts away: in a subsequent talk, walking in a beautiful landscape in between horse paddocks, I was helped to understand the causes and effects of my hesitations. When the interview came, I was full of self-confidence which surely helped me to get the desired job. I am very thankful that Yvonne took so much time to guide me and offered me her invaluable sensitivity and thoughts. Thanks also to Sunny for being such an outstanding observer!”

Doro, June 2019

“The horse coach session with Yvonne was very special. This way of coaching I considered as not my cup of tea beforehand. But Yvonne quickly put me at ease and asked good questions before. With the horse as a co-coach, Yvonne was able to give me new insights quickly and forcefully and to show me that things can be done differently. Very special experience that I recommend to everyone.”

Teun, November 2018
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Day’s introduction/Reflective walk

Do you want to start the day creating awareness? Be able to work all day with a strong focus, be alert and open to new ideas? Help yourself and your team to function better and more effectively!

Do you want to maximize yourself and your team? You can do this with a reflective walk. After a walk in nature, individually or as a team, everybody can share their insights.

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Never a boring retrospective again? Inside Outside Coaching organizes a retrospective through an out-of-the-box methodology that will let your agile or scrum team function more effectively in a pleasant positive and creative work atmosphere.

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The foundation of teambuilding is cooperation, trust and communication. Do you experience being stuck, unable to achieve your potential? Inside Outside Coaching can organize a team event to strengthen the team spirit of the people you work with.

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10 tips for an effective retrospective


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