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With Inside outside Coaching the team is the focus, rather than the methodology. Trusting the talent present in every person is the starting point. The coach is a guide who is open to the team’s dilemmas and questions, and accompanies in the interchange of insights and behaviours, resulting in a team that can progress independently.

Inside Outside Coaching provides innovative team events (retrospectives and teambuilding) with the purpose of creating a more effective and successful team, in an entertaining, positive and creative atmosphere, where engaging your unique talent is of essential concern. By engaging your unique talent (ever more expected in the work place) you are by definition more vulnerable. But that vulnerability increases the opportunity to connect in a real way with others. And those connections increase work satisfaction and the likelihood that set goals can be achieved. We build confidence in yourself and those around you, and make it safe to be vulnerable.

10 tips for an effective retrospective
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“It was a big step to acknowledge that after almost forty professional years, motivation and passion are disappearing due to all kinds of annoyances. I came across Yvonne via via. Never thought to do “something” with horses. Great animals, but never touched. I didn’t know what to think about it.
There was a formulated goal and well … let’s see. It was a pleasant surprise to experience the peace that comes to you in the presence of such a majestic animal. Your own perception and behavior is mirrored. I was overwhelmed by moments of complete peace and thinking about nothing.
In addition, the contribution of a professional coach who is able to combine her knowledge and skills in a unique way, so that you can fully be yourself during the session.
If I have to describe Yvonne’s coaching style, I come to the following words: calm, intuitive, pure, frank, careful and patient.
After the session a report to understand things better and (a) formulated SMART goal (s) to move forward.
A first interview is definitely recommended and you don’t necessarily have to be a big animal lover to experience that between coach and client an animal can be enormously enriching and relaxing.”

Leendert, Februari 2020

Thank you very much Yvonne and mare Sunny!

I deeply enjoyed the horse coaching with Inside Outside Coaching.
First Yvonne made sure that I felt comfortable and safe with Sunny: as this was my first experience with horses it turned out to be essential for me. During the session I experienced a strong inspirationg by Sunny and Yvonne’s support at the same time.
Thanks to her expertise about horses and horse coaching Yvonne guided the session in a completely spontaneous way so that I got deeper insight on my coaching question.
Really valuable!

Stefania, November 2021

Yvonne was so flexible to coach me over the phone during the Corona crisis instead of her usual way of coaching. You choose one of her spells in advance and she will talk to you. What I find special is that she asks sharp questions (‘what gives you indignation or your excitement?’) And gives direct feedback on what strikes her. From there, she’ll get to you deeper in no time, even though she’s never seen you. The effect was that I immediately understood old patterns and understood how I could change that. Finally, she is an example of ‘walk the talk’. She herself is the living example of her conviction. She is also so inspiring in this. I therefore enjoyed the whole process.”

Saskia, March 2020
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Day’s introduction/Reflective walk

Do you want to start the day creating awareness? Be able to work all day with a strong focus, be alert and open to new ideas? Help yourself and your team to function better and more effectively!

Do you want to maximize yourself and your team? You can do this with a reflective walk. After a walk in nature, individually or as a team, everybody can share their insights.

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Never a boring retrospective again? Inside Outside Coaching organizes a retrospective through an out-of-the-box methodology that will let your agile or scrum team function more effectively in a pleasant positive and creative work atmosphere.

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The foundation of teambuilding is cooperation, trust and communication. Do you experience being stuck, unable to achieve your potential? Inside Outside Coaching can organize a team event to strengthen the team spirit of the people you work with.

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10 tips for an effective retrospective


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