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Inside Outside Coaching adjudges every person to work and live by their unique talent, and to discover and implement this talent within themselves, including the pitfalls and obstacles they may encounter.

Yvonne van den Goorbergh

I was born in Brabant in 1963, and have lived happily in Amsterdam since 1996. After Highschool I started work in IT. During my work I discovered my passion for guiding and coaching co-workers. My desire to become a coach became a reality through purposeful steps, among other things obtaining my Master Coach diploma at Coach College De Baak. (Former Europees Instituut)

And because since my youth I already had a love for horses, I specialized further in coaching with horses. So I combined my two passions. It was as if all pieces of the jigsaw puzzle fell together, a fantastic feeling. That is Inside Outside Coaching!


What clients say about me

Thank you very much Yvonne and mare Sunny!

I deeply enjoyed the horse coaching with Inside Outside Coaching.
First Yvonne made sure that I felt comfortable and safe with Sunny: as this was my first experience with horses it turned out to be essential for me. During the session I experienced a strong inspirationg by Sunny and Yvonne’s support at the same time.
Thanks to her expertise about horses and horse coaching Yvonne guided the session in a completely spontaneous way so that I got deeper insight on my coaching question.
Really valuable!

Stefania, November 2021

“Yvonne was so flexible to coach me over the phone during the Corona crisis instead of her usual way of coaching. You choose one of her spells in advance and she will talk to you. What I find special is that she asks sharp questions (‘what gives you indignation or your excitement?’) And gives direct feedback on what strikes her. From there, she’ll get to you deeper in no time, even though she’s never seen you. The effect was that I immediately understood old patterns and understood how I could change that. Finally, she is an example of ‘walk the talk’. She herself is the living example of her conviction. She is also so inspiring in this. I therefore enjoyed the whole process.”

Saskia, March 2020

“It was a big step to acknowledge that after almost forty professional years, motivation and passion are disappearing due to all kinds of annoyances. I came across Yvonne via via. Never thought to do “something” with horses. Great animals, but never touched. I didn’t know what to think about it.
There was a formulated goal and well … let’s see. It was a pleasant surprise to experience the peace that comes to you in the presence of such a majestic animal. Your own perception and behavior is mirrored. I was overwhelmed by moments of complete peace and thinking about nothing.
In addition, the contribution of a professional coach who is able to combine her knowledge and skills in a unique way, so that you can fully be yourself during the session.
If I have to describe Yvonne’s coaching style, I come to the following words: calm, intuitive, pure, frank, careful and patient.
After the session a report to understand things better and (a) formulated SMART goal (s) to move forward.
A first interview is definitely recommended and you don’t necessarily have to be a big animal lover to experience that between coach and client an animal can be enormously enriching and relaxing.”

Leendert, februari 2020

“Yvonne coached me before an important job interview. Using Sunny as a mirror, she quickly understood where I could gain more self-esteem to make a good impression on the committee. The session with Yvonne not only took my doubts away: in a subsequent talk, walking in a beautiful landscape in between horse paddocks, I was helped to understand the causes and effects of my hesitations. When the interview came, I was full of self-confidence which surely helped me to get the desired job. I am very thankful that Yvonne took so much time to guide me and offered me her invaluable sensitivity and thoughts. Thanks also to Sunny for being such an outstanding observer!”

Doro, June 2019

“The horse coach session with Yvonne was very special. This way of coaching I considered as not my cup of tea beforehand. But Yvonne quickly put me at ease and asked good questions before. With the horse as a co-coach, Yvonne was able to give me new insights quickly and forcefully and to show me that things can be done differently. Very special experience that I recommend to everyone.”

Teun, November 2018

“Recently I had a coach session with Yvonne, because I wasn’t feeling comfortable. I had no expectations, was nervous before the session, did not know what to expect being mirrored by a horse. Yvonne is calm and patient. By explaining how horses behave in life since ages, you begin to understand their behavior. At first I did not manage to get the horse by my side. After an intensification exercise, where I focused on myself completely and Yvonne’s coaching, I succeeded. The horse walked with me voluntarily, without forcing. I was relieved, the horse offered me protection. It felt like the horse radiated a kind of empathic ability, it gave me peace in mind and body. In the following days, I felt more confident and Yvonne taught me what you do with your head and what with your gut feeling. I recommend Yvonne because I benefited from it after the session, now it’s the challenge for me to be able to keep confidence in myself.”

Cecile, September 2018

“Working on your coaching question with Yvonne brings you closer to nature and closer to yourself. Yvonne has a lot of knowledge about working in the business world and therefore asked the right questions about my role in the organization and my team. I was often positively surprised at how she used nature as a tool for the coaching process. She also sometimes returned to something that I had said 6 weeks earlier. Very nice that Yvonne listens so well and can use it at the right time! The route with Yvonne was very valuable and gave me a lot. Beautiful walks, insights into myself and change in perspective.”

Joyce, July 2018

“In the past week I experienced a special and valuable coaching session: coaching with horses. After getting an explanation on the process we started. Yvonne, with the help of Sunny, gave me a clear insight into my current situation. She did this through a calming and patient process, but also through pertinent direction and good questions. We closed the session with an evaluation where her involvement was very tangible.”

Dagmar, December 2017

“I followed the coaching course with horses with Yvonne with much pleasure. During the intake I was able to indicate what I wanted to work on. During the three sessions, together with the horses, I was able to work through practice on my learning points. Working with horses was very tranquil. Because I was in an environment unlike my daily life, I noticed that it was easier to focus and to let go of daily work. I think that letting go of your daily work is essential to work on your learning points. Because we started every session in a relaxed way by briefly discussing how things were going, and debriefed at the end of the session, the sessions felt relaxed and good. After completing the sessions I had a good insight in several personal issues and I now know how I can handle these in the future. This has contributed enormously in my professionalism.”

Anja, April 2017

“I received individual coaching because our group session was cancelled. I totally did not know what to expect from such a session but I learned an awful lot. Yvonne has a quiet approach with a good ear and penetrating questions that made me con-stantly question myself about certain situations (how it makes me feel and/or what I do with that). The work with a horse was very surprising, that the horse can clearly show you how you feel at that moment; every tension and relaxation in your body is recognized, it is a mirror held before your face. For me it was a confronting but most of all a learning experience.”

Daniëlle, March 2017

“Yvonne helped me very well as a coach. She has a quiet approach and offers lots of space for coaching questions. Very pleasant to work with her.”

Jeroen, December 2016

“I have seen Yvonne at work and was duly impressed. She is an excellent coach, very calm and direct, with a lot of patience. She brought out the problem I was barely aware of myself. It became very clear working together with the horses. She does a great job and it is a pleasure to know her.”

Conny, December 2016

“I experienced Yvonne as a listening and inquisitive coach. The sessions I experienced with the horse were very surprising and special; to see what the horse visualizes what from the coaching conversation surfaces. It provides insight in a special way and helps to tackle issues. Yvonne stimulates this by setting concrete goals making solid agreements so that it is not just about a few coaching sessions but gives practical insights and influence on your behaviour after the coaching.”

Peet, April 2016

“Yvonne is a very inspiring and peaceful person and coach. I really didn’t know what to expect of the coaching session and I was quite surprised about the impact it had on me. As I am familiar with horses I thought that this would not influence me, well it did!”

Han, February 2016

“Yvonne’s obvious love and experience working alongside horses reassured me that I was in safe hands. Once inside the ‘ring’ Yvonne’s gentle and inquiring approach helped me understand that my lack of action was tied to my need to satisfy and reassure others, a revelation I found confronting, believing I had shed the ‘people pleaser’ trait years ago. Yvonne also helped me validate actions which will lead me to achieve my life’s purpose. By pointing out the horse’s mirroring of my emotions I was gifted with an unfaltering confidence that my intentions and therefore my actions will bring me to where I need to be.”

Camille, November 2015

“Yvonne is a coach with a truly individual approach. She prefers working outside where her coachees experience the space to blossom completely. Although her working space is not standard, she knows how to create a safe environment where her coachee is central.”

Astrid, September 2015

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