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Never waste time again in boring retrospectives

10 tips for an effective retrospective

Searching for an innovative way to make your Agile/Scrum team even more effective and successful in a pleasant, positive and creative work environment? For this, Inside Outside Coaching organizes an exceptional retrospective through an out-of-the-box methodology in and with nature. The team will experience this retrospective in a different way and be immediately taken out of its comfort zone, to where change is possible.


In this three hour retrospective session Inside Outside Coaching offers:

  • A safe work environment in nature

  • Check-in different from different

  • Evaluation of current effectiveness of communication and cooperation within the team through direct feedback

  • Insight of unique talent of each team member

  • Exploration of possible improvements for the team

  • What do we leave behind from the last sprint and what do we bring to the next sprint

  • Opportunity to practise with new ways to communicate and cooperate, and to learn together

  • Direct feedback on the result

  • Closing with clear team commitments and concrete actions for the next sprint

Retrospective can be expanded to include lunch and/or drinks. Arrangements from 150,- Euro p.p.

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