Trust and connections: it can be so simple

//Trust and connections: it can be so simple

Trust and connections: it can be so simple

The team I am coaching today stands expectantly at the trough of the stables. Curious. A bit tense maybe. The group is a mixture of older and younger co-workers from a large organization. They are relatively new to each other, the result of a big internal reorganization.

Enhance effectiveness

The goal of the session is to get to know each other better, and thereby increase the team’s effectiveness. As it is now there are some tensions between the older more experienced staff and the fresh outlook and input of the younger ones. They do not yet dare to be open with each other.

The horses walk comfortably through the compound, and I see the team quickly relax a bit. I see expressions of curiosity, pride and surprise appear on their faces. Whatever skepticism was left changes to enthusiasm.

Helping each other along

By carrying out different tasks during the session together the team members can see that they don’t have to do things on their own. They experience that it is ok to ask for help. Even stronger: that everybody benefits from that.

The group also discover their own individual talents, and that it is rewarding to be able to help others with those. A characteristic totally taken for granted by one person can be a true challenge for a colleague. By recognizing each person’s individual talents and power the team started to function better even during the session.

More trust and connection

After the session the whole group is very enthusiastic. The newfound openness within the team has an immediate and strong impact. They have more self-knowledge and trust in themselves. They have the boldness to voice what they are good at and what not. And there is more mutual trust, and hence more connectivity.

And even more important: they know which colleague to turn to for help, and they actually do this. The effectiveness of the team went up by leaps and bounds. That’s how simple it can be!

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