Sound files Day’s opening & Reflective walk

//Sound files Day’s opening & Reflective walk
Sound files Day’s opening & Reflective walk 2021-12-08T16:39:18+00:00

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Day’s opening and Reflective walk are digital exercises for the opening and reflective for the day.

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Day’s opening

The day’s opening exercise is about transcending your automatic pilot, breaking through the illusion of the day with a mindful start. Not to get sucked up in the rat race when you wake up. With this you will enhance your own effectiveness and that of your team.

Reflective walk through nature

The reflective walk through nature is about pausing at something you encounter in your work that you don’t enjoy or find not running smoothly. It often concerns the content of your work less than the contacts and relationships with the people around you. It may have to do with things that make people brood (often at night), and that they are reluctant to discuss, for example by giving feedback.

The day’s opening should take about half an hour.

For the day’s opening in nature, budget 15 minutes.

Reflection often brings clarity to the problem and can lead to concrete action. It is important here to make the connection with the team. To reflect on things that bother you and then to engage the team on the issue.

Enhance your transparency and thus the effectiveness of the team.

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