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Agility reflected by the horse shortens the time-to-market

Are you or your team finished scrumming?

An Agile way of work is introduced more frequently in larger organizations where Scrum teams are put together. Through better internal and external cooperation, a faster time-to-market is expected, a shorter development timeline, and cost cutting, bringing many advantages to the client.

However, how do you prevent that Agile signifies increased work pressure for you or your team and efficiency for your employer? Make their opportunity your opportunity with the correct application of your unique talent, skills and soft skills!

The skills demanded of you and your team by Agile working are often new, but these can be developed. Our motto is that efficiency is a method  for the creation of time, attention, quiescence and space for what is really important: the optimum implementation of talent and a good personal balance.

We challenge you to learn and practise the combination of demanded skills and a changing work context with the help of horses.

Why horses?

You can achieve the maneuverability of Agile by, with accompaniment, practicing with horses. The direct way in which horses react and what they experience allows you to get to the essence, faster than without the horse. In other words, you are giving yourself and your team an excellent advantage in time-to-market.

Central in coaching with horses are:

Cooperating in an Agile team

Authentic leadership in an Agile team

Personal effectiveness

The 3 pillars of Scrum, transparency, inspection and adaptation translate directly to the practice of coaching with horses:

  • Horses are transparent and without judgement see what dynamics play in a team;
  • It is a good check to observe, to inspect, the reciprocal relationships within the team;
  • It provides insight in what can be adapted within the team.

With Inside Outside Coaching we have lots of experience working in Agile environments, we speak the language and understand the complex structures where changes happen.


Inside Outside Coaching offers made-to-measure teambuilding events. We can also facilitate your retrospective events.

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