Healing tears

//Healing tears

Healing tears

She is impressed when she sees the horse, the great Arabo Fries Diara. However, if she steps into the ring and makes short contact with the horse, she immediately feels safe.

Pain worsened by stress

Soon the horse sands itself left and right with its teeth on its flanks, always on the side where she stands so that she can see well. When I ask her what this could mean, she says she has been in pain there for years. The pain is intensified by stress and nothing can be done about it. She learned to live with it.

Tears that keep on flowing

She works with pawns in the ring, busy with the horse following her, in an 8 around the pawns. Diara, however, knocked over the pawns and then raised two again. When we start talking about this, Diara is in the middle of the ring at the middle pawn. With her hoof she gives sharp ticks against the pawn that remains upright. I ask her to go to this place and investigate what is there. When she stands at this place the tears come, tears that just keep flowing, she can no longer stop crying. Diara comes to the left behind her and she knows exactly who is there to support her. Support that she has missed for so long that she wanted to solve everything herself. She was no longer able to ask for help.

Shame, relief and gratitude

There is shame, also relief and especially gratitude. She says she has not been able to cry for years, now everything comes out. The tension and pain in her body are decreasing. There is still work to be done, she knows that herself, the process has begun. This afternoon she takes the time to let everything sink in and write about what she has experienced.

Healing tears

People who are unable or unwilling to cry build up tension in their bodies, often for years. When you cry, tears carry many toxins out of your body. Together with the movements during crying, this causes discharge in your body. So the term “Healing Tears” has a literal meaning.

Do you have trouble crying and flowing Healing Tears? Do you feel tension and pain in your body that has been bothering you for a long time? Just contact me so that you too can meet Diara and me, for more information or to set up an appointment:info@inside-outside-coaching.nl or 06-51338526.

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