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Working with horses makes it easier to establish a connection between rationality and feelings, which will almost always achieved.
Horses are very much appropriate to support us in personal development, growth in organizational ability and authentic leadership:

Non-verbal communication

Horses are masters in non-verbal communication and will react with extremely sensitivity to these signals. In coaching with horses you will get a very clear picture how you communicate non-verbally and how effective this can be for you and your team.

Leading and following

Horses are by nature animals that will follow other animals, they depend on the leader in a group. They will follow the leader to have a feeling of safety; if a leader is not there they will take the lead themselves to survive. The horse in the corral will give direct feedback on the way you provide leadership to yourself or to your environment.

Working in teams

Horses live preferentially in herds, providing the individual horse with the best chances for survival. In coaching with horses you form a herd with the horse in the corral. With teams this can take the form of several participants and/or horses.

Behaviour and feelings

Horses live in the here-and-now to survive, to allow them to tune into their surroundings at any point in time and react accordingly. This makes horses neutral, without judgement or condemnation. Similarly in coaching with horses; horses feel your mood within a few seconds. They will mirror your authentic feelings by reacting through their behaviour, moment-by-moment. Even when these feelings are sub-conscious or unrecognized. Most participants will experience this as a strong feeling of safety.

Effectiveness of behaviour

Horses give you the opportunity to practise new behaviour, and will provide direct feedback on the effectiveness of this new behaviour. So fine-tuning is then possible before you implement the new behaviour after the sessions.

The coach functions as intermediary between you and the horse; the coach returns the horse’s behaviour to you.

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