Change lies outside our comfort zone

//Change lies outside our comfort zone

Change lies outside our comfort zone

With your voice and the clicking of your tongue you try to get the horse to come with you, somewhat anxious if it will work. The horse does not follow you, chews and licks and stays put, swaying its tail. Then you approach it, somewhat stooped over, talking to it. The horse takes a step back, then comes a bit closer, but does not go with you. You look at me, a bit hopeless, and say “my own horse always followed me when I used my voice or clicked my fingers”.

I invite you to do it in a different way, without expectations of the horse. Walk away resolutely, your back to it. The horse will follow you right away, through the whole arena. You zig-zag through the ring and the horse keeps following you through all the turns, not more than 20 cm from you, as if connected with an invisible string. You look happy and you say “I can do a lot more than I often think myself. I am going to practice doing things in a different way from what I am used to; bring it on, I am excited to try to do it”.

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